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Preschool Activities. Preschool in New York. Petits Poussins Too

Petits Poussins Too is a bilingual preschool and daycare in West Harlem, New York that welcomes students three months to five years old in a play-based nurturing environment. At Petits Poussins Too, we embrace ALL children and celebrate their multiple languages and cultures. We provide bilingual classes that are inspired and abide by the French “Education Nationale” curriculum as well as the New York State standards.

Petits Poussins Too offers two different programs: An INFANT/TODDLER daycare for ages 3 months to 24 months and a PRESCHOOL for ages 2 to 5 years old.

Our classes are divided by age group and ability:

Infant and Toddler Daycare: 2 classrooms for each section

  • Infants: 3-12 months
  • Toddlers: 12-24 months

Preschool: 3 levels split into 2 classrooms with differentiated instruction

  • Toute petite section : young twos
  • Petite section/Prek-3: 2.7-3.5 years
  • Moyenne section/Prek-4: 3.5-5 years

Our teacher/student ratio ranges between 3/1 and up to a maximum of 7/1 for the older groups.

Our teaching body is very diverse Our teachers bring their own pedagogical experiences into the classroom at all levels. As they enter our school community, our staff makes a commitment to nurture students in a bilingual setting and help them grow with positive reinforcement. Ongoing professional development of our staff ensures continues reflection and progress at all levels.
At Petits Poussins Too, our French-English speaking team stimulates our students and guides them towards becoming independent, self-confident, and considerate to others.

Our curriculum focuses in depth on bilingualism and the spontaneous development of a second language, through songs, age-appropriate arts, storytelling and games designed to give students a grasp of the language, by immersion. Each year, we adapt our teaching according to our group of students, their ages, and needs.

At Petits Poussins Too, we make learning FUN! Our children’s well-being, happiness, academic and language development are at the foundation of our learning model.
Teaching Philosophy
We give priority to rich vocabulary acquisition and repetition of the language fundamentals during class time and play time. Our students absorb language like magic! This is achieved by building their second language skills in a stress-free environment and giving them the space and voice to communicate.

At Petits Poussins Too we help you raise not just bilingual children, but citizens of the world: We believe that everything is language, whatever your native tongue. A smile is language, a hug is language, art is language, dance is language and music speaks volumes! We believe diversity is a strength in the world we live in and should continuously be celebrated. We want our students to be the next global leaders while becoming independent, confident, empathetic, and caring young minds, in our bilingual setting: Staff mirrors our students’ population and creates special bonds between the two. Through the modeling of their teachers and our curriculum, our students understand and develop empathy and love for each other. They are empowered and encouraged to let their voices heard. Moreover, it is our missions to help all our students become independent thinkers.