Tessa Chermiset

My name is Tessa Chermiset and I hail from Belgium via Africa. As my father was a diplomat, I traveled a lot during my childhood, which instilled a passion for discovering new languages and various cultures. I went to school in French, English, and Dutch.

At 15yo, I started to travel the world on my own with my flute on my back, thanks to my gift for music. I graduated from Paris Conservatory, the Juilliard School, and Yale University. After an accident, I had to quit the entertainment world, graduated with an MBA certificate from NYU and kept on traveling as an IPO manager on Wall Street. After having children, I reduced my travels and became a financial and development consultant for not-for-profits dedicated to children, education, and the Arts.

After much soul searching in 2023, I realized that my calling was to spend more physical time with children, education, and the Arts instead of funding it. As my daughter Zélie was one of the first Petits Poussins graduates from the Toddler program in 2014, it was thus serendipity to start working as manager of PPT alongside Marion and Vanessa. I feel very honored to show up every day with a smile and look forward to seeing all your children grow, thrive, and speak 2 or 3 languages as young as they are. I feel very blessed to be part of your children’s lives!