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Petits Poussins Too

Petits Poussins Too

Preschool in West Harlem, New York

Petits Poussins Too (part of VHG Group Inc.) is a bilingual French preschool and daycare in West Harlem, New York. We welcome students from all cultures and backgrounds and always value their identity and heritage. Our French and English-speaking teams motivate and guide our infants, toddlers, and preschoolers in becoming independent, confident, and caring in a bilingual setting. Petits Poussins Too was created in 2016 with 3 different age groups:

Infants: 3 months – 12 months
Toddlers: 12 months – 24 months
Preschool: 2 years old (toilet trained) – 5 years old

Teaching Philosophy

At Petits Poussins Too, we give priority to rich vocabulary acquisition and repetition of the language fundamentals during class time and play time. Our students absorb language like magic! This is achieved by building their second language skills in a stress-free environment and giving them the space and voice to communicate.

About Us
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