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Nurturing care for your little ones in a safe environment.

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Encouraging exploration and fostering early learning milestones.

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Preparing young minds for a successful transition to formal education.

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Introducing Petits Poussins Too

Daycare in New York

Petits Poussins Too (part of VHG Group Inc.) is a bilingual French preschool and daycare in West Harlem, New York, offering early childhood education in New York City, New York. We welcome students from all cultures and backgrounds and always value their identity and heritage. Our French and English-speaking teams motivate and guide our infants, toddlers, and preschoolers in becoming independent, confident, and caring in a bilingual setting. Petits Poussins Too was created in 2016 with three different age groups:

Infants: 3 months – 12 months
Toddlers: 12 months – 24 months
Preschool: 2 years old (toilet trained) – 5 years old

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What we love what we do Parents Testimonials

“Our daughter spent two enriching years at the Petits Poussins Too. Throughout her time there, the entire staff has always been attentive, organized, and enthusiastic. The caring teachers allowed our daughter to flourish in a nurturing environment which was conducive to her learning foundational and early childhood skills. In PPTOO’s safe and encouraging space, our daughter was also able to strengthen her language abilities and by the time she graduated she could confidently assert herself in both French and English. During the Covid-19 crisis, the PPTOO’s staff was very responsive and helped students smoothly transition to distance learning successfully. We could not be happier with the love, support and education our daughter has received at the PPTOO.”

- Unknown

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We are committed Our Mission

At Petits Poussins Too, our mission is to provide a warm and nurturing learning environment for ALL students from birth to 5 years of age in a bilingual setting. We make it our mission to foster and raise socially conscious bilingual leaders. At our school, we make it our everyday duty to celebrate diversity so our students may grow confident. Our diverse three staff mirror our student population and creates special bonds between the two. Through the modeling of their teachers and our curriculum, our students understand and develop empathy and love for each other. They are empowered and encouraged to let their voices be heard. Moreover, our mission is to help all our students become independent thinkers. To do so, we differentiate our instruction and meet each child’s needs. Most of all, At Petits Poussins Too, we make learning FUN!

Our Vision

Raising Socially Conscious Global Citizens (R)

About Us

Let's Get Started Teaching Philosophy

At Petits Poussins Too, we prioritize rich vocabulary acquisition and repetition of the language fundamentals during class time and playtime. Our students absorb language like magic! This is achieved by building their second language skills in a stress-free environment and giving them the space and voice to communicate.

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