Yolasky Baez-Rodriguez

My name is Yolasky Baez-Rodriguez (Yayi). As a child, I was always surrounded by kids who were younger than me; I had the responsibility of taking care of them and playing with them. After I arrived in the United States, almost 10 years ago, I began to work one on one with children in different environmental settings. I was then granted the opportunity to work at PPTOO in 2018. I have been working here for over 6 years now. I have taught in each classroom level (Infant, Toddler, Preschool). I am now starting my 7th year as the English Prek-2 Teacher. My goal for this academic year is to help the students to continue developing their motor skills and to improve their communication skills.
What I love about teaching is the creativity we use for our tiny humans to learn. My favorite moments are when my students begin to understand new concepts. What I love about being able to impart a second language onto a young and growing mind is that I am part of the first achievements that will shape their lifetime. One of my favorite activity to do during my free time are DIY projects at home.