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Stephanie A. – Mother of Infant Student

“We could not be happier with Petits Poussins Too! From the moment our daughter started at the age of 5 months, we knew that she was happy in her new environment and we felt the support of the entire PPT staff. They encouraged her to learn new skills and develop emotionally and socially. It also became quite clear early on that our daughter’s bilingual education was taking effect as she started to respond in both languages (for example waving goodbye when spoken to in French or English). We have been truly fortunate to become part of the PPT family.”

Cassandra C. – Mother of Preschool Student

“The excellence and warmth of Petits Poussins Too is perhaps best illustrated by the length of time it took my two-year-old to adjust after switching her schools last year: one day. They take early development and education incredibly seriously while putting fun and well-being first. My daughter has flourished developmentally and emotionally in their program, which is as professional and organized as it is heartfelt. The team goes above-and-beyond to help us parents out, and never deviate from their calm, kind demeanor’s. We are thrilled to say the least.”

Dannah B. – Mother of Toddler Student

“My daughter has been attending Petits Poussins Too since she was 3 months old, she is now 15 months old and continues and will continue to attend PTT. My daughter (and every kid in the school as far as I can see and feel) is surrounded by LOVE. For me, PTT is more than a daycare, the staff makes you feel like family. The teachers are experienced professionals who always tell you something special your child did during the day…in addition to providing a daily report, photos and videos of various activities available on their school app.”

AnneMarie V. – Mother of Preschool Student

“Our son has been at Petits Poussins Too since the day it opened. In addition to being truly bilingual – which was a top priority of ours – the environment at PPT is nurturing, fun, and educational. Our son learns new skills every day, and we have been amazed at his progress. He understands both languages, and is clearly developing both emotionally and socially. He is excited to learn, and literally runs into the classroom each morning! Thanks to the PPT team, his experience – and ours – has been invaluable”

Phillip U. – Father of Infants Classroom

“Our daughter started at Petits Poussins Too when she was 10 months old, first in the Infants program, then in Toddlers. All of her teachers have been absolutely amazing. Not only are we completely sure that our daughter is safe, but we see each day that she is happy, growing, thriving. Each morning when the daycare door opens, our daughter gets a big smile on her face. Even before we get to her room, teachers from other rooms greet her by name, making her smile even more. Everyone is friendly, warm, and our daughter just loves being there. As a bilingual household, we dreamed of finding such a place – and we’re happy to say we did. We’re delighted to be part of the PPT family.”


“Our daughter spent two enriching years at the Petits Poussins Too. Throughout her time there, the entire staff has always been attentive, organized, and enthusiastic. The caring teachers allowed our daughter to flourish in a nurturing environment which was conducive to her learning foundational and early childhood skills. In PPTOO’s safe and encouraging space, our daughter was also able to strengthen her language abilities and by the time she graduated she could confidently assert herself in both French and English. During the Covid-19 crisis, the PPTOO’s staff was very responsive and helped students smoothly transition to distance learning successfully. We could not be happier with the love, support and education our daughter has received at the PPTOO.”