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My name is Oumou Sidibe, I was born in San, Mali, Africa. I’m married and I have 2 daughters. In 2013 I became a New York resident which enable me to do what I love most, work with children. Even though I hold 2 masters degrees, one in Archeology and the other in History, working with children has always been a calling. Having come from a large family, I’m the fifth of 16 children, my experience taking care of kids started early when I was 7 years old; As my mom fell ill, I became a second mom for my siblings.

When I was studying in Paris, I worked for 4 years with a family taking care of their dyslexic 4 years old son until I got my diploma. The choice I made to work with children is really personal and symbolic, in memory of my little sister I lost dramatically when she was really young.

At Petits Poussins Daycare, it all started two years ago when I called Vanessa and explained to her that I really wanted to work with children, even as a volunteer. Vanessa trusted me, offered me to work with her at the daycare. Throughout that time, I had the opportunity to go through training for care and education of infant/toddler and preschool age children. At the daycare, I wore many hats from heading circle time, developing curriculum and creating activities for the various age groups, to changing diapers and feeding our babies. I am very proud to be following Vanessa in her new project and to be growing with her at Petits Poussins Too. I am utterly delighted to be working with your children and look forward to welcoming them!