Benefits of Introducing Bilingualism at Preschool


As a daycare that offers a French bilingual program for children, we already know your first impressions about this program. We completely understand if you think that a daycare that teaches bilingualism to children is a terrible idea, as children can’t learn two languages together at a young age. 

However, our preschool in New York guarantees that teaching or conducting a bilingual class benefits your kids! Allow us to explain the reasons why it benefits your kids. 

Language should be taught as early as possible. It is best when children learn it from childcare where they are supervised and taught early childhood education. Learning the basics of the mother tongue language as early as possible helps develop your kid’s understanding and accelerates the improvement of their cognitive development.

While you already know the importance of early language literacy, why did we say that a second language or attending our bilingual preschool benefits your children? We teach French and English languages to kids, and it’s not hard as you think it does. Learning a second language improves memory and concentration. While it helps sharpen their memory and concentration, it allows them to showcase enhanced creativity and mental flexibility. 

Our daycare in West Harlem, New York, aims to enrich children’s vocabulary and language literacy. We at Petits Poussins Too strive to help your child by developing their language and communication skills by introducing them to bilingualism. If you are interested in our program, be sure to call us or set an appointment. 

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