Holistic Development with the Help of Our Daycare


Teaching bilingual French-English among children in our daycare is a great way to improve their memory, language skills, and other cognitive function. It benefits children aged four years old and below — the appropriate time when language should be taught.

On the other hand, our daycare in West Harlem, New York, doesn’t only focus on language and communication. We also help children by enhancing other fields of knowledge. 

We believe that children in preschool should start learning new and fresh skills other than language and communication. Thus, we would like to explain different skills and how we develop those skills in your kids.

  • Motor Skills

    Children at this stage develop more body functions as their brains improve. By developing their motor skills, we teach children how to be independent and take full control of locomotion. We achieve these by teaching them how to dance, play games, and do other physical activities.

  • Artistic Skills

    By developing skills in art, they will be able to distinguish colors, shapes, and other geometric figures. By being able to understand and create art, your kids can develop their creativity and self-expression.

  • Logical Skills

    We are a childcare that teaches children basic knowledge and information. Your kids need their logical and knowledge skills to develop and adapt to situations that need problem-solving skills.


We at Petits Poussins Too believe that children can do more with our preschool in New York. By developing the necessary life skills, they can develop and strive for life’s challenges. If you wish to enhance your kid’s skills, call us, and we will be glad to help you.


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