Academic Advantages of Learning French Early


For kids, French immersion has amazing academic advantages. It’s interesting to note that kids who study French also significantly advance their English language skills. In fact, in their early elementary years, students in French Immersion schools not only equal but frequently surpass their monolingual counterparts in English proficiency. Petits Poussins Too, a daycare in West Harlem, New York, promotes French classes to young learners.

The advantages of French immersion in the classroom provided here in our preschool in New York extend to all academic fields, including math, logic, and executive functioning abilities, in addition to language capabilities in your child’s future academic years. The brain becomes more adaptable and ultimately better at multitasking, problem-solving, assessment, focusing, and adjusting as a result of learning a new language.

Studies have shown that bilingual kids have longer attention spans than their monolingual peers. These benefits to cognition last a person’s entire life: older persons who speak two languages are less likely to develop dementia and are more resilient to the cognitive deterioration brought on by a stroke. This is why our Preschool in New York promotes this learning strategy.

Back to our preschoolers, how precisely can we start teaching French in a supportive manner that positions kids for success in a second language at such a young age? The solution is very straightforward: we teach them French in the same way we teach our kids English. This is why our bilingual preschool is highly recommended by a lot of parents.

Allow your little ones to experience childcare the best way they deserve. To get started, please reach out to our lines.

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